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  • Why ECFC Matters

    Why ECFC Matters

    A healthy business climate contributes to a vibrant local economy by stabilizing the commercial base and balancing residential growth. True change always takes place at the grassroots level and entrepreneurs are always on the front lines of local business issues.


Welcome to the Entrepreneur Council of Frederick County 

Small business owners are at the core of the American dream. Entrepreneurs often risk everything to start and grow a business. While challenges are ever present and most daunting at times, the sense of personal and professional achievement and satisfaction are the greatest rewards. The Entrepreneur Council of Frederick County (ECFC) was established to help local business owners succeed.


Board Member Profiles

  • Dave Esworthy

    Dave Esworthy

    A native of Frederick County, Maryland, Dave has served on several local boards and is now active with Frederick Alliance for Youth, Hood College Board of Associates, Entrepreneur Council of Frederick...

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  • Nick Damoulakis

    Nick Damoulakis

    Nick Damoulakis is the co-founder of Orases Consulting Corporation a Maryland-based interactive firm that focuses on the synergy between strategic marketing and interactive solutions. He has a passion...

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Guest Blog

  • Sep 11 2013

    If What You Are Doing Isn't Working, Then Try Something Else

    One of the most frustrating and disheartening things that someone in my position has to deal with are leaders who have a tendency to ignore reality and follow a flawed strategy or other key decision off a cliff. Pride almost always gets in the way as he/she thinks that changing course would represent failure or unnecessary pain.

  • Aug 30 2013

    A Few Basic Truths About Business

    Business is simple, people complicate it. Below are a few basic truths you must embrace if you want to be successful:

  • Jun 20 2013

    Navigating The Challenges Of Managing A Seasonal Business

    Business is hard enough with encumbering it with seasonality issues. I've seen many talented and hard working small business owners struggle under the weight of non-seasonal business volume. It's hard to staff properly, keep good people and manage your cash properly. If you're not careful it can begin to feel like a "feast or famine" situation which over the years can start to wear you down. Of course there are many people who manage to navigate the “ups and downs” properly, but they are usually pretty disciplined about their business leadership actions.

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1) Invest Maryland Challenge

The State of Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development has announced their next Invest Maryland Challenge.

The national seed and early-stage business competition will award Four $100,000 awards, one each in the categories: IT hardware/software, Life Sciences, Cybersecurity and General Business. To qualify, a company must have the following:

  • Fewer than 25 employees
  • Annual revenue of less than $1million
  • Duly-organized legal entity

All the information is available online at 

2) Start-Up Maryland

Startup Maryland, a regional initiative launched out of the Startup America Partnership, is again making a stop in Frederick to give local entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their start-up business. The Frederick County Chamber is celebrating entrepreneurship by welcoming the Startup Maryland-Pitch Across Maryland tour bus and business pitch competition to the Chamber Expo. Local entrepreneurs can pitch their business and film a promo video that will be distributed nationally and the public can vote on the winner! The bus will be in the parking lot of the Chamber Business Expo from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on September 24th.

Per the Startup Maryland website: during the Startup Tour in 2012,  Maryland jumped from # 22 to # 4 in start-up density (# of start-ups per million population) a key metric; Startup Maryland has since moved up to rank # 2 in U.S. If you have a start-up company and want to pitch your business and plans, visit their registration site.